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Middlebrook Gardens

Middlebrook Gardens specializes in native garden landscape designs

that reflect the natural beauty of California, conserve precious

natural resources and link the urban landscape closer to nature.


ELSEE (Environmental Laboratory for Sustainability and Ecological Education) extends into the community, and serves as a replicable model for teaching practical skills in food production and ecological technology.


California Native Garden Fountation  thinks urban agriculture models of the future will protect local ecology, sequester CO2 and promote biodiversity. More of us will be eating native foods in California.

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Mindful Ways 

Wellness Center

Mindful Ways is an innovative continuum center dedicated to providing strong community-based support for women, families, and professionals through preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting grounded in Mindfulness and Local Ecology.

Mindful Nature Co-Op Preschool

Our environment emulates the kindness and compassion embodied by all, while being mindful of the differences that lie within. Our Co-op Nature Preschool is a mindful & local ecological program shifting early childhood education into the 21st century, for future stewards of the planet.


Mindful Birth Center

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The birth center is a health care facility for childbirth where care is provided in the midwifery and wellness model. The birth center is freestanding and not a hospital.  We respects and facilitates a woman’s right to make informed choices about her health care and her baby’s health care based on her values and beliefs.

Epic Coffee

Epic Coffee was founded out of a passion for great coffee and a deep commitment to both people and planet. Dave Thompson, the founder of Epic Coffee,has been a proponent of Fair Trade coffee since his university days.

More to Come!

Coming Soon

More to Come!

Coming Soon

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The place is a true gem. It brings back simplicity in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, in a time when desperately needed.   It's a place that reconnects us with the soil under our feet and shows how to bring the community together for the 21st century in a way that heals the earth.

Janet Harbor-Community Member

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