The Village

Who are we?

We are a growing group of Nature-Based Educators, Environmentalist, humanitarians, Mindfulness Practitioners, Midwives, Childbirth Educators, and Healing Arts Practitioners, who are Cultural Creative’s shifting the worldview toward wholeness, healing, social change and sustainable communities.


Setting the foundation for a new kind of land use, blending mindfulness and local ecology, with the healing arts for social justice.

What Is An Urban Eco-Village ?

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and water and food droughts are alarming signals of the urgent need to develop an environmentally and socially sustainable model of urban land us. In contrast to the dominate model, the research-based village brings an integrated approach to the interconnections between regional ecological systems in the urban environment.

The guiding principles of an alternative model can be found in the life cycle of a plant. Plants provide a point of cyclical connection between the soil, water, air, food, waste, and energy, meeting all their needs within a single stationary place. Drawing from the insight gleaned from the study of plants, our model of sustainability offers an innovative method for addressing environmental and social processes in the context of an urban village.

In addition to soil, water, air, food, waste, energy, and the restoration of local ecosystems, the village examines research pertinent to sustainable transportation, ecology education, and human health and well-being-all together, these make up the ten categories for a mindful foundation of our research, training, and educational programs.

The vision is to create a sustainable urban village model, improving and refining research, which can be replicated in various reginal ecosystems. At its core, our model uses biomimicry to find solutions for each requirement of our lifecycle. Compared with the current approaches, our solutions for each requirement of a lifecycle. Compared with the current approaches, our solutions are local, biologically intelligent, and require much less energy to implement and ultimately sustain human populations.

mindful and local ecological preschool

Our Team

Loving the Land, 

Alrie Middlebrook


Middlebrook Gardens

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Jennifer Jeffcoat

Owner Mindful Ways Director Human Health & Well-being 

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